Body Spa


This service uses radiant heat therapy and infuses the skin with vitamins & nutrients using rich, dense steam that works to deeply moisturize skin, cleanse pores, and detoxify the body. It also improves collagen and elasticity, reduces the appearance of cellulite and eliminates excess water retention. Designed for deep hydration, Red Fusion will leave the skin nourished, beautiful and rejuvenated.

INFRARED SAUNA: (30-45 min.)

This medical-grade sauna provides near, mid, and far infrared technology dry heat with 6 medicinal settings: cardio, weight loss, relaxation, pain management, skin health, and pain relief. Chromology light therapy is incorporated as an added benefit to your sauna session. You will burn calories, stimulate circulation and increase your metabolism for weight control. In addition to cleansing your system with its unique detoxification process, it also helps reduce muscle aches, pain, and stress.


Hydro Therapy is a form of therapy that combines the healing powers of water, heat and massage in a single system. This will decrease muscular tension and chronic pain, increase circulation and range of motion, and remove muscle knots. Massage therapy has an amazing effect on the body’s parasympathetic nervous system and counteracts the body’s negative response to stress, relaxing the muscle and allowing heart rate, blood pressure, and circulation to return to normal.


This massage recliner uses a unique Optical-Point-Navigation system to scan the curvature of your back providing a customized full-body shiatsu massage using far-infrared heat that warms your entire body and making your vertebrae more flexible. Massage therapy has an amazing effect on the body’s parasympathetic nervous system and counteracts the body’s negative response to stress, relaxing the muscle and allowing heart, blood pressure and circulation to return to normal.

STEAM & COOL MIST: (20 min.)

Combined with Zero Gravity, this spa service forms a unique cool or hot mist. Creating a hydrating effect even stronger than hyaluronic acid, and works to lock in moisture for unbelievably soft and glowing skin. The spa mist prompts cellular renewal with serums or masks during the service. You will improve skin elasticity and overall tone and texture, while increasing the production of the body’s natural moisturizing effects.

BEAUTY ANGEL: (12 min.)

This machine uses red infrared Energizing Light Technology (ELT) in specific ranges of effectiveness to rejuvenate the skin naturally. The “Beauty Light” is absorbed by skin cells (fibroblasts), where it stimulates the body’s production of collagen, elastic, and hyaluronan. Small wrinkles are reduced and the skin becomes visibly tauter and smoother. The treatment also enhances the absorption of cosmetics in the skin, making them more effective. 


This is an anti-aging LED red & infrared with amber facial treatment that will repair fine lines and wrinkles on a cellular level. It also stimulates the production of collagen & elasticity, the building blocks of the largest organ of the human body. For faster results use LightStim products with treatment.


This machine uses massage and vibration to automatically stretch and strengthen muscles. The vibration travels throughout your body-causing muscles to contract without any effort on your part. You can perform a series of exercises on this machine that work both the upper and lower body. Over time, you will notice greatly improved strength, balance and sense of increased coordination.

DERMAGLOW LED: (20 min.)

Combined with Hydro Massage, this facial is truly unique by using all five lights on the light therapy spectrum, giving you the ability to treat more than one problem area. Red Light stimulates collagen and elastin production for cellular repair. Red infrared is the new anti-aging ray. Blue light kills acne causing bacteria, reduces inflammation, and helps to shrink large pores. Yellow light stimulates lymphatic and nerve systems, tones muscle, and restores skin balance. Green light helps to restore and natural pigmentation of the skin.

young woman having face microdermabrasion at spa

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